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About Jagadamba

Narendra (Nar Bahadur) Bohara, founder and CEO of Jagadamba Holidays, was born in Achham, the Far Western Mountain region and one of the most remote places of Nepal. His humble upbringing and life of hardship are at the roots of the company’s foundation. Orphaned by his father at infancy, at the age of 9 months, and by his mother at the age of mere 3 years, Bohara, raised by his uncles under extreme poverty, earned his education while grazing cattle until high school. Finally, he made it to Kathmandu in 1996 in the course of searching for opportunities to further his college education, with zero money in his pocket. That deep conviction of honesty, hard work, dedication, and desire to serve the humankind at large is at the core values of his character and that infallibly carried on when Bohara began his career as a tour guide the same year in 1996.

Two rigorous, formative years in the field of trekking, tours, and travels catapulted him to the Management position of a struggling trekking agency, during which he routinely went back to tour guiding even after he was appointed as the manager of the company. After making the prior company a gold standard of success in winning the hearts of thousands, after two and half decades, Bohara has started Jagadamba in 2019, with his crew of time-tested and experienced Sherpas and guides, his experiences and values with maturity and wisdom remain as staples behind his venture into the establishment of Jagadamba Holidays Pvt. Ltd.

Today, within a short period, this company is a dedicated mountain tourism professional team-owned tour operator and trekking agency, located in Kathmandu, Nepal. The founder is leading Jagadamba Holidays forward into a successful travel company in accordance with tourism ethical norms and guidelines. It is a destination management adventure Travel Company that has quickly gained its name as a beacon of specialization of an inbound and outbound tour operator and as an adventure travel agency in the Himalayas of Nepal since the beginning. The Jagadamba Holidays has swiftly become Nepal’s leading adventure travel and tour operator agency in a short span of time, thanks to Bohara’s work ethics.

About Company:

Founded in 2019, Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited stands out as a prominent adventure travel company headquartered in Kathmandu, Nepal. Our expertise lies in curating environmentally friendly cultural sightseeing tours and exhilarating trekking expeditions, as well as organizing mountaineering ventures in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India, with a special focus on Ladhakh, Darjeeling, and Sikkim. Additionally, we offer a range of mountain tourism-related services throughout the Himalayan regions.

a) Who We Are?

The outstanding quality of our team members is our shared passion for adventure travel. This intrinsic understanding enables us to comprehend the needs and expectations of adventure travelers. Our experts leverage over two decades of experience to craft meticulously curated travel itineraries, ensuring you experience only the best. This collective expertise forms our core strength, enabling us to effectively manage our package holidays and cater to all your travel needs in the Himalayas. Recognizing the challenges and unpredictability of group travels in the Himalayas, we strive to provide our clients with simple, quick, and efficient solutions for their travel requirements.

Jagadamba Holidays Adventure Travel Company boasts extensive experience in organizing group travel experiences, offering perfectly tailored tours and treks tailored to our customers’ preferences. Our tours cover the major tourist destinations of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India. Furthermore, we specialize in designing customized excursions for schools, colleges, universities, and corporations interested in adventure, history, culture, and education across South Asian countries. With an impeccable track record in mountain adventures and reliable services, we have provided over 2,500 travelers with the experience of a lifetime.

b) What We Do?

Jagadamba Holidays is a dedicated mountain tourism professional team-owned tour operator and trekking agency located in Kathmandu, Nepal. We serve as a tourism destination discovery website, assisting travelers in finding the perfect destinations according to their preferences and helping them plan their holidays quickly, simply, and personalized in a hassle-free manner. From the towering peaks of the highest mountain in the world to the sprawling plains of Terai, we guide travelers to discover the beauty of Nepal. We cordially invite you to join us on a fantastic and thrilling journey.

We offer the widest range of adventure travel tours suitable for customers of all experience levels and time schedules in the Himalayas. Jagadamba Holidays Adventure Travel Company provides a plethora of outdoor activities in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India, including trekking, climbing, mountain biking, cultural tours, adventure sports, day tours, mountain flights, and various Nepal trips. Additionally, we offer multi-destination tours, multi-activity tours, rafting, wildlife safaris, family holidays, solo travel, female holidays, honeymoon holidays, volunteerism travel, ticketing, room reservations, and corporate event arrangements.

c) Company Profile

Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited, a premier tour operator and travel agency, was founded on August 18, 2019. We operate as a private limited company and are officially registered with the Tourism Authority of Nepal under license number 3079/079. Our company registration number is 221497/076/077, and our VAT number is 609598612.

c) Corporate Social Responsibility

At Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited, our commitment to corporate social responsibility is deeply embedded in our objectives, vision, mission values and commitment.



At Jagadamba Holidays, our primary goal is to deliver exceptional services that provide a memorable experience of Nepal’s mountains, cultural heritage, and unique wildlife. We cater to both domestic and international tourists, aiming to offer high-quality, transcendent journeys that inspire repeat visits. Our objectives include creating value for customers and the community, introducing new travel experiences, sharing our expertise, contributing to environmental preservation, and fostering strong relationships to promote Nepalese tourism and enhance our company’s presence.


Our vision is to be the preferred travel partner for all travelers to Nepal and beyond. Jagadamba Holidays aims to be a responsible leader in adventure travel and tour services across the Himalayan region, with a focus on spiritual, adventure, and cultural aspects. We strive to become a globally recognized destination management company known for creating unique and innovative travel experiences in South Asia. Committed to sustainable tourism, we work to preserve mountain ecology, local heritage, and cultures for future generations. Our extensive experience and partnerships enhance the quality of our services, making Nepal a standout travel destination.


The mission of Jagadamba Holidays Private Limited is to deliver the highest quality customer service, offering exceptional experiences of the Himalayas, cultural heritage, and natural wildlife. We are committed to providing affordable prices and outstanding service, ensuring unforgettable Himalayan adventures. Our passionate team designs and delivers incredible travel packages, fostering lasting impressions and a love for nature. We encourage active engagement and participation from our customers, employees, and partners, prioritizing safety and exceptional experiences throughout the journey.

Values and Commitment

At Jagadamba Holidays, we are committed to delivering exceptional travel experiences through strategic partnerships and a focus on sustainability. Our team ensures high-quality customer service, fulfilling all travel promises to make each journey unforgettable. We prioritize customer care, unity, and hospitality, addressing all your travel needs with professionalism. Our services are designed to offer delightful holidays, cultural exploration, tailored pilgrimages, cost-effective packages, and escapes to beautiful, off-the-beaten-path destinations.

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